Archerfield are looking for numerous sites through various methods, such as taking both short and long term strategic land options where Archerfield pays for, promotes and obtains planning permission for parcels of land that are capable of between 10 to 250 dwellings. These areas may be on the outside of the settlement boundary, former vacant industrial buildings or paddocks between housing. Archerfield with over 50 years within the industry have had success in bringing land out of greenbelt designation and proving empirically that a local authority has not been able to meet their 5-year land supply

Archerfield Homes also participate in market and are happy to pay relevant fees where applicable. Archerfield through their acquisitions pride themselves on speed of interest, often within 24-48 hours due to the structure that is unlike any large house builder coupled to their detailed diligence before any substantive offer is applied. This will mean that Archerfield will offer a purchase price upon their director backed offer letter, will remain no matter the circumstance.